New Tiny Creatures: Compsognathus

New Tiny Creatures: Compsognathus

Hello Dinosaur Trainers,

New Dinosaurs, the Compsognathus, are now available in-game! 

Here’s everything you need to know about these Tiny Creatures! 

Obtaining Compsognathus

For now all players can obtain a copy through the New Season Pass!

  • Free Track : Obtain a chance when opening a Season Pass Card Pack. Players at level 55+ will obtain a guaranteed copy on the free track.
  • Premium Track : Obtain three chances when opening three Season Pass Card Packs, and a guaranteed copy in the Compsognathus Pack.
  • Grand Premium Track : Obtain a guaranteed copy in the Compsognathus Pack instantly and a chance to obtain an additional copy. 

In Battle

  • The Compsognathus will act as a flock in battle. 
  • They will take up one battle slot. 
  • The flock will be eliminated from battle once all 3 creatures have been eliminated.
  • The HP bar is divided into 3 therefore the Compsognathus will only get eliminated one by one. 
    • The exception happens when the opponent deals 7 Attack Points or more, this will eliminate all 3 Creatures at once.
  • By swapping out the flock, with another creature, there will be a small chance that one of the tiny creatures will be revived. 

Three Creatures in Battle

One Creature Remaining