Update 62

Update 62

Hello fellow Dinosaur Trainers,

Update 62 is now available on your respective app store!
Here’s what you can expect in this update:


New Creation Lab Menu


The Creation Lab menu has been revamped! This will help players easily access their creatures that are ready to evolve as well as any available hybrid fusions. You can also unlock another canister to evolve or fuse an additional Creature!


The Creation Lab menu features 3 tabs.

The MARKET_img_tab_filter_evolve tab displays all the Creatures that are ready to evolve, while the MARKET_img_hybrid and MARKET_img_super_hybrid tabs display all the Hybrids and Super-Hybrids that you can fuse.


You can also quickly feed your Creatures via the Creation Lab menu in the event that they do not have the required level to evolve or fuse. Please note that the Creatures must have the same evolution.


New Dinosaurs


New dinosaurs have been added to the game and will be revealed in the future! There’s a particular creature patiently waiting in its enclosure. Can you guess who it is?


New Boss Event

A new Boss Event has been added to the game, and will be revealed in the future!


Bug Fixes & Optimization

  • Missions 41-45 have been optimized.
  • Minor localization fixes.
  • Minor art fixes.



  • Discord has been added to the in-game Community Tab.


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