Season Pass Upgrades

Season Pass Upgrades

Hello Dinosaur Trainers,

In order to improve your game experience, we’ve planned some changes and upgrades to the  Season Pass moving forward. 

Read on and find everything you need to know about these new updates:  

Collect Past Seasons’ Creatures 

Introducing NEW Seasonal Stars Collection Card Packs! If you missed some of the previous season’s dinosaurs, now’s your chance to complete your collection. 

These card packs will be available on the season tracks and contain popular creatures from past seasons.

The initial collection pack includes the following Creatures, with more creatures being added every season.

  • Styracosaurus Lux
  • Rodrigues Solitaire
  • Dreadnoughtus
  • Stegouros
  • Beta
  • Goronyosaurus 
  • Season Mystery: Available on both regular and premium season tracks 
  • Guaranteed 1 regular land creature in every pack!
    • Open up to 7 packs throughout the season
      • 3 Card Packs are available on the regular season track 
      • 4 additional Card Packs are available on the premium track 
  • Seasonal Chance: Available on both regular and  premium season tracks
    • Availability: 
    • Regular Track: 3 Card Packs
    • Premium Track: 7 Additional Card Packs
    • Additional Card Packs can be earned once the track is complete. 
  • Seasonal Stars: Available only on the premium season track 
  • Guaranteed 1 Seasonal Star Creature per pack

Season Pass Track Improvements

  • The Season Pass has been rebalanced to make it easier to complete the track and obtain copies of the Season Creature 
  • Once you complete the Season track, you can keep playing to obtain more Seasonal Chance Cards Packs. 

Thanks for reading! Enjoy 200 Season Points
*Link Expires 04/14/2024