Update 63

Update 63

Hello fellow Dinosaur Trainers,

Update 63 is now available! 

Here’s what you can expect in this update:


Grand Premium Pass – Coming soon!


*Please note that the Grand Premium instant rewards displayed are a mock-up as this feature is currently in development.

You’ll soon be able to enjoy even more rewards with the new Grand Premium Pass!

This new Grand Premium Pass tier will allow you to instantly claim Season Points — helping you complete the Season Pass faster — and exclusive in-game rewards, including additional Card Packs!


The Grand Premium Pass will also unlock the Premium Pass track in your account! You’ll still be able to purchase the Premium Pass individually and upgrade to Grand Premium anytime!

Please note that the Grand Premium Pass will release at a later date as our team is still polishing this feature! 

It has already been more than 6 months since we introduced the Season Pass to the game, and we cannot thank you enough for your support and feedback! Our team has been continuously improving this mode in every update, and we can’t wait to show you our future seasons!


New Creature

New dinosaurs have been added to the game and will be revealed in the future! Our experts have spotted a creature roaming around the woods. Can you guess who it is?


Bug Fixes & Optimisation

  • Selected Missions Fixes
  • Few optimizations to help stabilize Google/Android devices.
  • Few optimizations to help reduce crashes for returning users.
  • Added support for Amazon builds on Google devices


That’s all for this new update…or at least for now! 

Stay tuned as we have more exciting things to share in the coming weeks!

Lastly, please make sure to update your device’s OS to Android 6, iOS 12, or a higher version, as we will discontinue support for Android 5/iOS 11, and lower versions. You can read more about it here!