Update 72

Update 72

Hello, fellow Dinosaur Trainers,

Update 72 is here and with it 2 new exciting updates to features!

Here’s what you can expect in this update: 

New Gyrosphere Updates!

The Gyrosphere will get some new updates! 

You will now find the Gyrosphere in the events tab in the battle menu and the VIP Gyrosphere events under the VIP tab. 

The Gyrosphere still unlocks at level 35. 

Please note the new Gyrosphere will only be available as of Thursday, Jan 29, 2024


On your team selection page, look for a new button that will allow you to manage your team. Here you will be able to HEAL or SWAP your creatures in exchange for a cash cost. 


To heal a creature, select the creature you want to heal and then select the HEAL button.

You can preview the possible outcome in the middle. 

Bottom Left side: the creature’s current health

Bottom Right side:  the creature at full HP. 

To complete the action, pay the Cash amount shown, and the creature recovers all its HP. 


You will now have the ability to swap a creature on your team for a new one.

To swap a creature, select the one you want to swap out and then select the SWAP button.

When the button is selected, you will see 3 new creatures that you can choose from. 

Select the creature you want, pay the cash needed and the swap is now complete.

The lower your current creature’s HP, the more it will cost to swap for a new creature. 


You will also now have the option to give up the current Gyrosphere at any point after drafting your team.

New Daily Rewards Calendar 

Earning daily rewards just got easier. Find the improved daily calendar as a new tab in the “News” section. 

All rewards will have a timer, once the timer runs out on a reward, you will not be able to get that reward.

The timer will be based on the Daily Mission Timer and resets at 6 AM EST.

The time will count down until the next reward is available and will count down the time until the end of the calendar. 

Potential Rewards

  • Buildings
  • Decorations
  • Card packs
  • Instant hatch dinosaurs
  • Food
  • DNA
  • Coins
  • Hard cash
  • Amber
  • BDNA
  • Seasonal Points


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